Will it blend?

You might’ve heard of the website called .  It’s a collection of videos where they use a Blendtec blender and try to blend all sorts of objects.  In a way, it’s like one of those stupid games you might see on David Letterman, but this is better than most of that stuff.  It has the look and feel of an old TV game show, which is neat in a retro sort of way.  But what sets this apart from other websites is how random and unusual it is.  Have you ever wanted to put non-food items in a blender to see what happens?  The guy in these videos gets to do it for his job!  And he does a good job, possessing a super cheesy smile while various items are being blended into a big mess.

Some of the things they’ve blended are a dozen , 6 Bic lighters (which creates an interesting explosion), even an (which he then put on eBay with a blender and it sold for $901), , a , , a can of soup, (really), , (which create cool glass dust), and much more.

The latest video is bad guys versus Chuck Norris.  Since the real Chuck Norris was unavailable at the time, he used action figures.  He tossed several bad guys and Chuck Norris in the blender, to let them duke it out in there.  The results are amazing.

Perhaps I need to get one of these blenders, because they look like a lot of fun…

5 thoughts on “Will it blend?

  1. Not a Cuisinart, but stayed at a Holiday Inn Express

    While that’s an interesting website, that’s a pansy blender. Give me the good old days, when men made their own blenders out of helicopters and… well, a helicopter works pretty good by itself. They would blend anything you could throw into the blades, including other blenders.
    That’d be a cool experiment actually, begin blending something in a pansy blender, and then throw it into the Manly Blender(TM)

  2. Not Thomas Wayne, but stayed at a Holiday Inn Express

    But the Blendtec has yet to be tested on a helicopter… what if that blender actually blended your helicopter? Then what would you have to say?

  3. Thomas Wayne

    Fab, that’s crazy talk. Sometimes you weary me with your obtuse-ability. Let me explain (once again) how you are wrong. The “Will It Blend” site is really good at having videos of blending stuff together — it’s the best in that regard. But Buffet o’ Blog is the best ever at having a wide range of funny randomness. That should be obvious to even the most casual observer.

    (Do I have to explain everything around here? I should be getting paid for all the wisdom I dispense on a daily basis.)

  4. Fab

    I don’t know, that guy blended some very random, funny things, Chuck Norris being my favorite. That guy should try blending Buffet ‘o Blog. I can hear him now: “Buffet ‘o Blog smoke. Don’t breathe this!” 🙂

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