Are greenhouse gas emissions beyond “worst-case” scenario?

In the news today, one of Australia’s leading climate change experts said global greenhouse gas emissions are already beyond the “worst-case” scenario.  He’s referring to a scenario defined by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) back in 2001.  For one thing, I thought they just met again this year in some big conference to discuss global warming and all that stuff, so why haven’t they updated their models with current data?  And another thing, the weather here seems mostly normal, so their “worst-case” scenario wasn’t well thought out, in my opinion.  Go outside and observe your weather, then consider if it’s anything near “worst-case”.  It’s not here.  If it is elsewhere, maybe more folks ought to move to Arkansas, because we’re having good weather right now.  (Just don’t bring your greenhouse gas emissions here!)

In fact, I was standing outside after lunch today, talking to some friends and enjoying the good weather.  I had no idea we were in the “worst-case” scenario!  Perhaps I should join the IPCC and explain what “worst-case” really means.  Have these people never seen the movie The Day After Tomorrow?  I’m thinking that would be worst-case.  Or, if you want to be really pessimistic, worst-case would be the Earth becoming uninhabitable.

Now, I realize I’m no important scientist, and sometimes we should leave stuff up to the “experts”, but I think they really dropped the ball on this one.  Are they just trying to scare us with these climate forecasting models and subsequent news releases?  It sure doesn’t sound like they’re downplaying it, because it’s all over the news, but today’s news release really has me befuddled.  It looks like they’re crying “wolf”.  And anybody who knows their children’s stories should realize that’s a bad strategy.  If we’re now beyond the worst-case scenario, it doesn’t seem so bad.  So is all their ballyhooing for naught?  I don’t know. I think we do need to reduce pollution and quit burning so many fossil fuels, but I don’t see how we’ve went beyond the “worst-case” scenario…

If their worst-case model shows some drastic changes over the next few years, like billions of people dying, then they should let us know.  But the news release said nothing about such things.  Perhaps they just don’t really know what they’re talking about…

10 thoughts on “Are greenhouse gas emissions beyond “worst-case” scenario?

  1. Not a Scientist, but Stayed at a Holiday Inn Express

    Well, if we’re already beyond the worst-case scenario, then what reason do we have to hold back? It sounds like it can’t get any worse, so let’s go crazy with the emissions!

  2. Thomas Wayne

    I just released some greenhouse gas emissions… heh heh

    It was of the methane flavor. Like the above not-a-Scientist said, there’s no need to hold back anymore!

  3. Fab

    Who’s to say that the earth was at the ideal temperature before global warming? Maybe it’s getting back to where it’s supposed to be. I hate really cold winters anyway. Bring on the warming. Then, maybe global warming will cause cooler summers due to warmer oceans in traditionally cooler climates, pushing that cool air into traditionally hot areas, thus producing a cool summer and destroying coral reefs, polar bears, baby seals, and rain forests while replenishing the ozone layer and making me more comfortable.

    That reminds me, what do you call a football player who sleeps on the ground beside a goal post? An end-zone layer. 🙂

  4. Thomas Wayne

    Yeah, Earth didn’t come with an owner’s manual, so who is to say what’s right?

    The rain forests and coral reefs can stay around, but more moderate temperatures sounds intriguing. Then here in Arkansas it could be like in San Diego, where they think 60s are cold and most days are in the 70s to low 80s. I sometimes tire of the crazy-mad hot summers we have here, w/100+ temps and near-100% humidity.

    But I would like it to snow a little more often here. At least once, I want at least 8″ of snow so I can build a snow castle in my yard.

    BTW, that pun was horrible! Did you make that up? Please stop!

  5. scott47

    personally, I think green house gases are getting a bit out of control. You hear sometimes that its a load of crap but I believe they are real. We need to invest more into hydrogen and electric vehicles to save our environment

  6. Important Evil Genius (E.D)

    I think the simple solution (other than the obvious global destruction and ending all life on earth as we know it) would be to simply pipe in fresh atmosphere at ground level. As these gases rise it would push the existing ‘faulty’ atmosphere up into outer space, where it could float away into oblivion. In addition to ridding us of the green-house gases causing global warming, it would have the added benefit of ridding the atmosphere of any other pollutants as well. Then Earth would be left with untainted unpolluted purified atmosphere… (for us to ruin all over again)

  7. Thomas Wayne

    I agree that we should reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, to be better to our environment. Since there are a shortage of enviro-friendly cars (like electric and hydrogen), I should be allowed to work from home.

    Hey, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions should be going down a little bit, because earlier this year the secret lair of the Important Evil Genius was discovered and shut down for producing an unlawful amount of greenhouse gases. Here’s a link to the news release. I hope somebody is searching for his other secret lairs, because they’re probably all polluting the atmosphere like the one in the volcano did.

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