Halo costume

How would you like to have the coolest costume for Halloween?

Halo costume, 2
You can now buy a Master Chief costume, which is the main character from the popular video game Halo.  This would be way impressive to all your gaming friends, and actually it would probably look really cool to someone who doesn’t even play video games.  It looks to be really well done.  The problem is, it costs over a thousand dollars (and rising), or you can buy it now for $2,000.  Here’s the link to it on eBay : .

Halo costume, 1

You would almost definitely look cool wearing this for Halloween or at costume parties, even if you’re not all buff or good-looking to start with, because the suit takes care of all that.  However, if you have to spend over a thousand dollars to look cool…

26 thoughts on “Halo costume

  1. Thomas Wayne

    Apparently a lot of people want a Halo costume, because this is always one of the top posts.

    It is a cool costume, I’ll admit, but I could find many better uses for $2,000!

    That would buy a LOT of nachos… and, not coincidentally, I can eat a LOT of nachos. 🙂

  2. Thomas Wayne

    $599? When this post was first posted, it was over $1,000. But whatever out there now is probably a different suit. Nonetheless, this is a bad investment… and I’d much rather spend that money on nachos or more video games.

  3. 1010

    ive been looking for a master cheif costume for about 2 years and now i find a good one. the one thats awsome on ebay but its $21,146. i saw that and i was all ROFLOMGFTW

  4. Spartan 117

    I could make on that looks better than that for less than $2,000. I could even make the all the different armor in Halo 3 for the Spartan. Maybe I should make a business of it?

    P.s. I’d still have my armor, but Bungie wouldn’t let me keep it. 😦

  5. Thomas Wayne

    That Halo costume looks awesome, I’ll admit that. But if you looked as cool as me, you wouldn’t want to ever cover that up! 🙂

    Granted, it would make a great Halloween costume, but this post appears to be popular year-round. So to me that seems weird, but I also realize not everyone looks as cool as me…

    If you’re wanting to wear this for normal use, that might not be advisable. It would probably make you look suspicious to the local law enforcement. Plus the Halo bad guys may come after you. You don’t want to be caught off-guard with those Brutes, Grunts, Elites, Flood form creatures, and Hunters…

  6. Gledi

    It is a awesome costume but it needs a good color because if it will be like it is in that photo than it wuldnt cost $2000. Its insane to buy it for $2000. I am a Halo fan lol but that’s not really cheap. if I wuld have that i wuld first give it a nice color and than i wuld sell it for $799 or maximum $1399. So my opinion is : ” I cant buy that for $2000 lol but i think in this way i said its a better price with a better quality of product”. Think about it!!!

  7. Gledi

    Plus the armor isn’t exactly like Halo 3 Master chief.
    But still a good costume thought. Congratz!!!

  8. micah

    that is soooo [crappy] looking, ive seen way better for sale, if u wanna see some good ones, then head over to the 405th

    1. Thomas Wayne

      I’m in the present! Although by the time you read this, it will be in the past, even though I am still in the present. Obviously my words are timeless! MUWAHAHAHA!

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