actual excuses for working from home

One day when my team leader had already said he was WFH (working from home), he sent this at 8:16 : “I need to step out for a little while; … Call my cell if you need something from me before 10.”  Hmm… his stepping out will take about 2 hours.  I’ll have to remember this precedent.  He’s setting a good example, I think.  🙂

On another occasion my team leader said in an e-mail at 10:50PM, “If I’m not feeling any better in the morning I’ll be working from home, which means I’ll possible be sleeping late.”  Isn’t that great?  Maybe I’ll work from home tomorrow and “possibly be sleeping late”.  🙂

Another teammate said this one day when it was raining : “I’m working from home today and trying to stay dry.”  He could do better than that!  Is rain a valid excuse for WFH?  And another time he said : “I was up late dealing with a plumbing issue and slept through my alarm today.  I’m going to work from home this morning and be in the office this afternoon.”  He sure has a lot of reasons for WFH; seems like there’s one every week.  One day he didn’t even bother with an excuse — he just listed his cell phone number in an e-mail with the subject of “WFH today”.

One project manager on my team recently said this in an e-mail letting us know he was WFH : “I will be out of the office and working periodically from home today.”  At least he’s honest about “working periodically”.  🙂

Judging by the “quality” of these excuses, I should be able to start WFH a lot more.  🙂

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5 thoughts on “actual excuses for working from home

  1. Fab

    You need to send out an e-mail with your beeper number saying, “WFLA”, meaning, “working from Los Amigos”. Or one that says, “WFH, GSTD”, meaning, “Working from home, got stuff to do.” 🙂

  2. Kri'

    Which is worse? Admitting to intermittently working from home or barely working from the office and blogging about those who are admitting this?


  3. Beppo

    Who admitted what? And note that the post was published at 6:11 pm, which is after business hours.

    Besides, let it be known that I work hard so I can, like, buy books and stuff… 🙂

    I’d like to be WFLA. Well, actually, I’d prefer to be at LA and not be working at all… but soon it will be lunch time, and LA is on the menu today, as it is our Tuesday custom. Mmm… cheese enchiladas…

  4. Thomas Wayne

    I’d rather not know about his “plumbing” issues… maybe he took too much Turbo-Lax. 😮

    I’ve heard my team leader say, “I’ll be in the office a little late on Monday, sometime before noon. …” I like his definition of “a little late”. I might have to use that one sometime…

  5. laughing

    Those are great.

    I had a coworker email and say he was working from home because his dog had tummy issues.

    I had another coworked emails and say she was working from home because her kid had the Dec. blues.

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