the best value in blog entertainment

Are you paying too much for your blog entertainment?  What if I told you that we could save you over $100 a year?  Subscribers to Buffet o’ Blog save an average of $100 per year compared to premium humor blogs which charge a monthly subscription fee*.

You can subscribe to this blog using either our RSS feed or by putting it in your browser’s favorites.  Either way, you get a lot of content for one low, low price.  How much would you pay for the random goodness that this site is known for — $50?  $19.95?  $9.99?  It’s even cheaper than that.  In fact, our advertised price is so low that we aren’t allowed to print it.  (Hint: it’s free.)  How can you pass up a deal this good?  Subscribe now!  And tell your friends!

* Well, as far as I know.  I don’t actually subscribe to any blog that costs money.  Why would you, when you can get all this for free?  Why throw your money away?  (If you just like spending money, we’ll let you take us out to lunch, or you can make cash donations to the site.  We’ll make good use of your extra money.)

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