funny pictures, episode 10

Enough rambling… here’s some funny pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

This 1960s ad seems weird now, but then again, sugar is better for you than some of the fake sweetener stuff...

Have you ever wondered what happened when Mario fell down a bottomless pit in Super Mario Bros. and was never seen again?

Now you know...

(FYI, artist Ryan Coleman came up with this image, available for purchase at Etsy.)

It's an interesting concept. I do enjoy parodies of movies...
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin celebrates, after his unused hurricane evacuation buses came back from "Pimp My Ride!"
If it's part of their promoted philosophy, don't they have to follow it?
Someone should tell this guy that horizontal stripes make you look fat...

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decorating with Super Mario Bros

The walls inside most people’s houses are typically solid colors or a repetitive wallpaper design.  Wouldn’t it be nice if they were more artsy / cool-looking / beautiful / shiny / awesome?  But what are your options?  If you’re a graphics artist, you could paint your own walls.  Or you could pay a professional to, but that would probably be really expensive.  However, quite possibly the best alternative are Blik restickable stickers for your wall.  (Note: I haven’t used them yet, but would like to acquire some for my game room / home office.)

I would like to get the New Super Mario Bros. stickers, although the original Super Mario Bros. would be awesome, too.  And since they’re movable and reusable, you can change it up for free if you ever get tired of the current pattern.

These are now on my Christmas wish list, so whoever wants to buy these for me, that would be great.   If I receive a lot, I’d just have to decorate the whole house with them.   Surely my wife wouldn’t mind!  I mean, Mario is awesome.  And she’s talked before about rooms needing to have a “theme” — well, this would give the room a definite theme!   And she’s said she wants more stuff on the walls, so this would be an easy way to take care of that and mark it off the honey-do list.  🙂

FYI, if you want to go really old-school, there are wall stickers for Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Centipede, and even Pong.

Also, at that first link above, there is a video of a Super Mario Sound Wall, where if you touch a coin or brick it makes the appropriate sound effects.  How awesome would that be?  That would be perfect for a game room!  Actually, that would be awesome for any room in the house!

funny costumes, pt 3

We’ve made several posts already containing funny / cool / awesome / weird Halloween costumes, but the pictures continue to pour in, so here’s more.  Feel free to comment on any of them, if you have something funny to add.

If you happen to be stuck in a wheelchair during Halloween, convert it to the Batmobile.
I know, there's the saying "if pigs had wings", and some people will be amused by how corny it is, but some people will think it's stupid. Wear at your own risk.
Green army men. This is cool.
I like this because it shows creativity and it's unique.
I'm not sure if he's supposed to be the Silver Surfer or Aluminum Foil Man. At least he tried...
Speaking of trying... here's Mario, Wario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach (or is that Daisy?)
Oh, my! This somewhat resembles Wonder Woman, but something just ain't quite right. This reminds me of the Tacky Party our singles group at church used to have...

This is getting long and there’s still more to go, so I’m going to break this up into multiple posts.  Here’s a link to search for the other funny costumes posts.

Super Chuck Norris Bros.

What would happen if you mixed the classic Nintendo NES game Super Mario Bros. with Chuck Norris?  Someone has, and so they created Super Chuck Norris Bros. (Click on the title to watch a short demo video of it.)

This game would be the awesome!  Although, the difficulty would need to be turned up, because it is Chuck Norris, and he can’t be stopped.

The on-screen messages go too fast, but the first two say “Chuck Norris doesn’t need mushrooms!” and “Chuck Norris needs a shotgun!”  🙂  Actually, he would win without the weapons, but equipping him with a shotgun, grenades, flamethrower, and a chainsaw, makes him unstoppable.  He even destroys trees and clouds in the game!

I’d like to see adaptations of other games featuring Chuck Norris!