how to eat what you want and be healthy

The government recommends we get so many vitamins and minerals in our daily diet to be healthy and fit.  However, many of our food choices don’t contain sufficient amounts of them, so we have to make do with what we have.  You could take vitamin supplements, but they don’t taste good, and they aren’t very filling, nor are they fun.  Another possible option is that you keep eating until you get a sufficient amount of your daily nutrients.  For example, if you’re eating pizza for lunch, but each slice has only 10% of the Vitamin C you need each day, then you’ll just have to eat 10 pieces.  This will ensure your body is getting all the required vitamins and minerals that it needs, plus you will enjoy the process of being healthy and eating right.  🙂

Granted, you may take in a few extra calories and thus gain a few pounds, but you’re giving your body the nutrition it needs.  What’s more important — being healthy or being skinny?  (And, when it comes to eating, being happy or eating small portions of boring foods?)

people who eat massive amounts of food at one sitting

I saw a news article where someone called “Eater X” ate 12 pounds of burritos in 12 minutes.  After his victory, he said, “I love Mexican food.”  Obviously!  He was competing for $3,000 in prize money.  He said he prepared for the contest by eating candy the previous day.

That news led me to the Major League Eating website, where I saw a profile for someone who is amazing when it comes to eating, who demolished the hot dog eating record.

Many consider Takeru Kobayashi the most dominant living athlete.  His feat on July 4th, 2001, of downing 50 hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes doubled the previous record and left entire continents agape with disbelief.  Since that fateful day, his gurgitating prowess has gone almost uncontested and his feats have left people shaking their heads.  In a televised Japanese contest known as “Weight Crash”, Kobayashi once gained a staggering 27 pounds in 45 minutes.

I wouldn’t consider him the most dominant living athlete — especially after eating like that! — but I must admit that is impressive.  I’ve been at a party where some friends had a hot dog eating contest, and I think the winner got to about 8.  (I didn’t participate; if only it had been back in my high school days when I still had a metabolism…)

Imagine how big 50 hot dogs with buns would be in a pile — it would be several feet high!  Then imagine someone eating all those!  That is a LOT of bread to consume at once.  I don’t see how someone can do that… it’s like eating is his super power…