how to eat what you want and be healthy

The government recommends we get so many vitamins and minerals in our daily diet to be healthy and fit.  However, many of our food choices don’t contain sufficient amounts of them, so we have to make do with what we have.  You could take vitamin supplements, but they don’t taste good, and they aren’t very filling, nor are they fun.  Another possible option is that you keep eating until you get a sufficient amount of your daily nutrients.  For example, if you’re eating pizza for lunch, but each slice has only 10% of the Vitamin C you need each day, then you’ll just have to eat 10 pieces.  This will ensure your body is getting all the required vitamins and minerals that it needs, plus you will enjoy the process of being healthy and eating right.  🙂

Granted, you may take in a few extra calories and thus gain a few pounds, but you’re giving your body the nutrition it needs.  What’s more important — being healthy or being skinny?  (And, when it comes to eating, being happy or eating small portions of boring foods?)

2 thoughts on “how to eat what you want and be healthy

  1. Big Bubba

    I wonder how much biscuits & gravy I’d have to eat to get my daily nutritional amount? That is, using homemade sausage gravy, with some bacon on the side. Mmm…

  2. Important Doctor

    Big Bubba i’m glad you asked. I apologize for my recent absence on this blog, i’ve been testing a new variation of the infamous ‘bacon and cheese’ diet. the Good news is that you can achieve the ’sudden dramatic weight loss’ up to 4 day’s sooner. The Bad news is that I was out ‘test-driving’ new cars when it happened. I’m afraid that car’s upholstery may never be the same. I just parked the car around back… i’m sure they will find it eventually.

    Anyway, on to your question! you may not have to eat as much biscuits and gravy as you would imagine to get your daily nutritional allowance. (4 or 5 heaping bowls should do) and as a added bonus you get additional nutrition you need from grains (in the flour), you can get calcium (from the milk used to make both the biscuits and gravy). you also get protein not only from the sausage and bacon, but from the eggs used to make the biscuits. And it goes without saying that the sausage and bacon make this treat a delicacy that you’ll want to eat everyday. This is a meal that really ’sticks to your ribs’ likely from the glue formed from mixing the flour and milk/water that’s in the gravy. So as you can see biscuits and gravy (with the addition of sausage and bacon) can be a *healthful, flavorful alternative meal replacement.

    *this statement has not been evaluated or authorized by the ’so-called’ fda

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