smashing a roadster in slow-motion

This link isn’t funny, per se, but it is somewhat interesting in that a sports car gets smashed during crash testing.

Here’s a video of the Tesla Roadster (an electric sports car) being smashed from different angles, in super slow-motion because it was recorded at a thousand frames per second.

This footage cost the company about a million dollars per minute, but I’m glad they’re going through all that effort and expense to make vehicles safe.

Speaking of such things, perhaps they need to combine old and new technologies to make vehicles safer.  Some older vehicles are made of steel, which holds up pretty well in a wreck.  Mango-Man has an old 1963 Bel-Air, and the even the dash is made of steel!  However, that car lacks modern amenities like seat belts and air bags, so an upgrade would definitely be needed.  That would be cheaper for manufacturers than having to do all the modeling on the body and frame.

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