a logic puzzle featuring Fab

Here’s a true story that doesn’t make sense until you figure something out, so it’s kinda like a logic puzzle.  It’s not too hard — I’m not gonna make you think too much on a Monday.  Ready?

One of our regular readers here, Fab, was out riding his bicycle one day, when he went by the airport.  There’s a road that runs parallel to the runway, and there was an aircraft taking off.  He decided to race it down the runway.  And he actually won!

I know, this seems confusing if you know Fab, because he isn’t the most swooft (swift) of athletes.  But it actually happened.  So the question is, how did he accomplish this?  Leave your guesses in the comments.

8 thoughts on “a logic puzzle featuring Fab

  1. Mango-Man

    i’m guessing either the airplane was going the opposite way that Fab was traveling, or thatI the plane was in the air before reaching the finish line and therefore never technically crossed the finish. OR maybe the plane smashed into one of those little luggage trains and was incapacitated. 🙂

  2. Kri'

    I think it was because Fab has actually put a 400 cc motor on his bicycle and he was going 260 mph down the road!

    Vrrrm, Vrrmm, Vrrmmm FABIO!

  3. Buffet o' Blog Administrator

    I have been informed that the story is a FABrication, though he did indeed ride his bicycle in that area in the past. But there is still a solution to this riddle. The aircraft that he was supposedly able to beat down the runway was a helicopter. It took off yet never got to the end of the runway.

  4. mango-man

    it ALSO could have been a kite… it couldn’t reach the finish line because the lines too short. which brings up another question i’ve been pondering… technically shouldn’t a ‘finish line’ be in ‘finland’? 🙂

  5. Thomas Wayne

    If you consider a kite an “aircraft”, then I reckon so. But I suspect most intelligent people would have to disagree with you.

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