funny Taco Bell commercials

The other day I came across a few Taco Bell commercials, and they’ve had a few classic ones.  Some are funny, and some bring back the memories.  So I’m gonna share a few with you, and they’re embedded in this post, for your viewing convenience.

The first video is a Taco Bell ad from 1989-90 featuring MC Hammer.  It’s actually kinda neat.

There’s a chance that the next ones will be even more generic, so proceed at your own risk.  🙂

This next Taco Bell commercial is from 1979 and it looks and sounds like it.  But the song is actually kinda catchy: “TacaTacaTaco Bell!” — “The Fresh Food Place!”

But wait, there’s more!  This one is from 1984.

Next is one from the early 1990s, and this one brings back the memories of when they had good MexiMelts.

Someday, the next generation of people will look back at 2011 and think our current commercials are generic.

Speaking of generic… you don’t even have to go back a few decades.  The newest Taco Bell commercial features “Buddy Mignon” singing lounge music at a piano, about the new Quad Steak Burrito.  It’s already generic and it’s not even dated yet.  (Perhaps it’s a parody of their old commercials.)

That’s all for now.  I don’t want to overwhelm anybody with too much genericness at one time.  And don’t worry about quality control here — the next post is already in the works and will be even better!

Thank you, drive thru…

truck racing commercial for ESPN

TV commercials can be an art form.  Most aren’t, unless you consider crap art.  But occasionally there’s a classic commercial that’s actually worth watching for enjoyment.  Why aren’t more commercials that way?

One of the best commercials on TV right now is for ESPN.  It has 18-wheeler “big trucks” racing (using NASCAR haulers), smack talking, a sheriff in hot pursuit, and it’s a parody of Smokey and the Bandit.  (You shouldn’t need any more explanation of why it’s awesome.)  The slogan is, “It’s not crazy, it’s sports.”  The soundtrack is “East Bound and Down”, which fits so perfectly (in the movie and the commercial).

On a semi-related note, wouldn’t it be awesome to race big trucks like that, if there were no real-life consequences?  That’s why movies and video games are so awesome — because you get to do those kinds of things that would get you in trouble in real life.

Los Links!

The other day in a Mexican restaurant, I saw a TV commercial for Microsoft’s search engine Bing.  It looked like a parody of a Spanish soap opera.  I’ve since seen it on English TV.  There’s two of them I’ve seen so far, and they’re funny because the acting and script is so bad.   Actually, there’s more bad acting than storyline, which works in terms of randomness.

Los Links, Episode Uno

Los Links, Episode Dos

If you actually want to make more sense of the commercials, there are extended versions of both, which are about a minute long each.

Los Links, Episode Uno (extended version)

Los Links, Episode Dos (extended version)

Mr. T commercials for Snickers

Today I’m going to link to some videos of commercials.  Now before you give up on this post, know that these commercials feature Mr. T, and they’re awesome.  One of them is perhaps the best / greatest commercial ever.

First, Mr. T is in the back of a truck that jumps through a house, and he is shooting a chain gun that shoots Snickers candy bars at a guy who is speedwalking.  (This commercial was pulled from British TV, because someone got offended and complained about it.)

This next one is probably the best of all the Snickers commercials with Mr. T.   A soccer player pretends to get hurt, so Mr. T drives up in a tank, running over cars, and telling the soccer player to quit acting like a crazy fool.  I don’t think commercials get any cooler than this!

Here’s Mr. T in a helicopter, going off on a guy who thinks the water is too cold in his pool.

Here’s the video where he created his chain gun that shoots Snickers.   It reminds me of the A-Team TV series, where B.A. Baracus would take whatever scraps he could find and build some type of armored vehicle with weapons.  In a way, B.A. was like MacGyver, except much more awesome.

As far as I’m concerned, all companies should hire Mr. T to promote their products!  Commercials wouldn’t be so annoying if they were cool, like these are.