truck racing commercial for ESPN

TV commercials can be an art form.  Most aren’t, unless you consider crap art.  But occasionally there’s a classic commercial that’s actually worth watching for enjoyment.  Why aren’t more commercials that way?

One of the best commercials on TV right now is for ESPN.  It has 18-wheeler “big trucks” racing (using NASCAR haulers), smack talking, a sheriff in hot pursuit, and it’s a parody of Smokey and the Bandit.  (You shouldn’t need any more explanation of why it’s awesome.)  The slogan is, “It’s not crazy, it’s sports.”  The soundtrack is “East Bound and Down”, which fits so perfectly (in the movie and the commercial).

On a semi-related note, wouldn’t it be awesome to race big trucks like that, if there were no real-life consequences?  That’s why movies and video games are so awesome — because you get to do those kinds of things that would get you in trouble in real life.

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