world record birthday Cheetos

I figure at some point most everyone thinks it would be neat to somehow get in the Guinness Book of World Records.  Today I had a random thought along those lines, but not for that purpose.  I recently had a birthday (which was cancelled, BTW, for everyone who keeps bringing it up), and I was craving Cheetos.  (We have some baked Cheetos here, which are good, though not quite the same… more like cheese popcorn than Cheetos.  But I digress…)  Anyway, if only I had a bag of Cheetos for every time someone said I was getting old…  🙂

Then I wondered what the world record would be for the most bags of Cheetos received as birthday gifts.  That would be a fun record to break.  🙂  The concept could also be applied to Oreos…

Cheetos - many industrial sized bags, $65 per bag supposedly

I searched for a picture to go with this post and found this one.  Supposedly the guy in the picture bought these industrial-sized bags of Cheetos direct from the factory for $65 per bag and bought 28 bags.  I’m not sure I have sufficient space to store that many Cheetos in my house, and I’m most certain that the WAF (Wife Approval Factor) of that would be near 0.  So maybe I won’t be chasing this world record after all… (though I still must admit it would be fun to try).

2 thoughts on “world record birthday Cheetos

  1. Important Philosopher

    Having millions of Cheetos in your house would likely be disoptimal from your wife’s point-of-view and it would take up a lot of space, but setting a new world record could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! So you should go for it! Tell her you’ll both be famous for this. If you handle the publicity right, perhaps you could even get on TV for it. If she’s all embarrassed by it, say, “Hey, free Cheetos!” 🙂

    1. Thomas Wayne

      Go big or go home!

      And if it were impossible to eat that many Cheetos before they go stale, you could setup some nice practical jokes with that many Cheetos… 🙂 Or invite guys over to eat Cheetos and watch cartoons… that would make you more popular with your friends — all-you-can-eat Cheetos. Mmm…

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