caption contest, space laser shooting house

For the next caption contest, I want to use a picture from a recent post.  (Hope that’s okay, because I’m doing it anyway!)  We recently talked about creating our own space laser inator, and one of the pictures showed a purple laser burning a house.  I have no actual context for this picture, but that matters not.  You get to make up the context.  (For those of you new here, you can write a story or joke to go with the picture.  The only rules are make it funny and keep it clean.)

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6 thoughts on “caption contest, space laser shooting house

  1. Gardner's World

    Female voice from inside house says: “Marv, could you nip outside and see if that washing’s dry yet?”

  2. MangoMan

    Salesman: “and that’s the beauty of the disposable toilet… if the build up of gases (shown here in white) get’s too nauseous you simply launch that sucker into space (toilet trajectory shown here in neon purple). Problem Solved! We’re still working out a few wrinkles with the guaranteed delivery of a replacement toilet, but you can expect it in 2 to 4 weeks!”

  3. Mr. Destructo

    This is a test of the emergency destruction system. Had this been an actual demolition, you would see a video of me on every channel of your TV, telling you what to do.

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