caption contest, guy acting crazy during protest

Our next caption contest features a man acting crazy with people and smoke and signs all around him.  Is it a riot?  A protest?  A parade?  A party?  A corporate fun outing gone bad?  You decide.  You could report on it like a news agency, or from the perspective of someone in the picture, or just make a related joke (even tying it into real-world events, if you can make it funny).

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8 thoughts on “caption contest, guy acting crazy during protest

  1. Mr. Destructo

    With the riot going on and smoke bombs going off around him, Bob figured no one would notice if he acted a fool. Obviously someone saw him and took his picture, to his shame.

  2. Gardner's World

    (Sorry to be a bit late but here is my caption)

    Voice from crowd shouts out: “Don’t shoot at him – he’s wearing Old Spice”

    (with thanks to

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