caption contest, guy eating strange food

This week’s caption contest may be late, but yet it’s still in time.  This week’s photo features a guy with dyed red hair eating some strange food, and he looks sick.  It appears that he’s in Germany, but the sign could mean anything.  Don’t limit yourself to just one perspective.  You can “enter” the caption contest as many times as you want.  The prizes may be fictional, but sharing your humor isn’t something to laugh at.  Well, actually it is, if it’s funny, but you know what I mean.  Just write funny stuff.  Let’s not make it any more complicated than that.  🙂

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9 thoughts on “caption contest, guy eating strange food

  1. Gardner's World

    Bloke with sunglasses says: You think this is revolting? This is only her starter – you should see what’s for main course!

  2. Gardner's World

    I do wish our Chief Executive would stop eating lunch in the park like this.

    (PS. Thanks for letting me have a second go)

  3. MangoMan

    Since it was usually carefully covered and hidden out of site, few people realized that the ‘Hunchback of Notre Dames’ hump, was actually a second head… as seen in this rare photograph catching some sun and wearing shades.

  4. Mr. Destructo

    Bald guy: “If I still had hair, it wouldn’t be an ugly red like that… this guy clearly does not appreciate how fortunate he is to still have hair… I should pull some out so he won’t take it for granted.”

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