taking your pet to church

I heard there’s a church that lets you bring your pets to service now.  Apparently it’s been good for their attendance, but I have to wonder if they ever asked themselves: WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?  Seems like there’s quite a few potential issues, and by “potential” I mean likely will happen.  Let’s look at a couple of scenarios.

1) Animals like to explore and smell things.  So they’re going to want to wander around.  Not only would that be a distraction, but it would lead to #2.

2) Fighting.  Are cats and dogs going to suddenly get along because they’re in church?  I doubt it.  It’ll end up like a Looney Tunes episode where the dog is chasing Sylvester, who is chasing Tweety Bird.  It makes for a funny cartoon, but not so great in real life, especially during something as important as a church service.

3) Animals poop.  Well, to be fair, humans do too, but we usually go to a bathroom for such things.  It would be a huge distraction to have animals urinating and pooping all over the place.  Even if you had litter boxes, some indoor pets aren’t housebroken.  (I know, that seems inconceivable, but I know someone who keeps a dog inside who isn’t housebroken. I just don’t understand.)  Either way, poop is distracting, as well as unsanitary.

I could go on, but I figure that’s enough reasons why you wouldn’t allow people to bring their pets to church with them.  What do you think?

2 thoughts on “taking your pet to church

  1. MangoMan

    the smell! you never mentioned the smell!

    even if you had catboxes & such there is no gaurentee that the pets would even attempt to use it, since it would not be theirs and is unfamiliar.

    one other potential major issue. animals like to ‘mark’ their territory. I would imagine the animals would all be prone to mark (and remark) their territory as the other pets attempted to overwrite the original mark with their own. and thus something that is not even remotely close to hilarity ensues.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    I was at lunch with some guys today and we were discussing this very topic. One of the guys is very animated by default, and he was explaining how dogs would mark their territory. He was speaking loudly and pointing at the table, saying, “Don’t you smell this? This is MY urine! This is my spot!” At that time a girl walked by, and she had a confused smirk on her face, because she certainly heard what he was saying. She just kept walking and never looked back. 🙂

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