more ways I am known

I got a letter from an insurance company the other day and it was addressed to “Smart Driver”.  I usually don’t give that name out, so I wonder how they got it…

8 thoughts on “more ways I am known

  1. Mango-Man

    sorry about that… that letter was obviously meant for me. I here I thought i’d had all my mail forwarded 🙂

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Today I got something in the mail addressed to “Postal Customer”. That’s not my name. It’s like they’re not trying hard or somethin’…

    BTW, notice it’s been over a week now, and Mango-Man has not even replied to my previous comment on this post. Do you wanna know why? HE KNOWS IT’S TRUE!


  3. Mango-Man Says

    TW you are so STOOPID! I am a man of action.. not just of words! the reason you are now only getting generic mail is because I had the situation with the ‘smart driver’ letters rectified… they are now coming to me. Apparently the people that actually want you to get their mail don’t want to offend you by sending stuff to STUPID DRIVER, so they are addressing it to something generic like ‘postal customer’

  4. Thomas Wayne

    Mango-Man, I’m the coolest driver in my zip code, no doubt about it. So don’t try to slander my name with your stupid ramblings. I’ve seen you driving on sidewalks at college, so don’t even pretend like you’re some smart driver. 😮

  5. mango-man

    don’t get me started on the whole sidewalk fiasco… If i wouldn’t have been trying to HELP YOU impress a chick it would have never happened! see that’s typical of what happens when I try and help you out… no appreciation… and a fine!

  6. Thomas Wayne

    Mango-Man, you’re blaming other people for your problems again. Let me explain what happened. The reason you got a ticket for driving on the sidewalk at a college campus is because you aren’t a SMART DRIVER. See how the whole conversation explains itself when you apply a little deductive reasoning? 🙂

  7. Thomas Wayne

    Deductive reasoning wins again!

    For the record, I have NEVER needed Mango-Man’s help with impressing a chick. In the situation he mentioned, perhaps he was trying to impress the girl that was with me, so she’d make some more cherry cheesecakes for the bachelor pad. He was particularly fond of these cheesecakes and would usually try to eat more than his fair share…

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