a call to eat pizza!

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Friends, Romans, countrymen!  Lend me an ear!

It has come to my attention that the Larry’s Pizza in Monticello has closed down.  While there could be many factors involved in one closing, I also learned that our local Larry’s Pizza is now closed on Mondays.  Together, these signs appear ominous!  I suspect economic problems.  The recession is tough on a lot of people, including businesses.

We must not let our local Larry’s Pizza close!  It is the best source for the legendary chicken-bacon-ranch pizza.  It is also one of the favorite meeting locations for the Buffet o’ Blog staff.

We must join together to support our favorite pizza restaurant!  Obviously extra trips to the buffet are necessary.  Can we count on your support?  Will you make the “sacrifice” of eating pizza more often, for the greater good?  We must all do our part!  Do not take this challenge lightly.  Spread the word to all your friends who like pizza.  Do what you can to save our best pizza eatery.

2 thoughts on “a call to eat pizza!

  1. Thomas Wayne

    I don’t take it lightly — I’m gonna eat there more often, which won’t involve “lightly” in any sense of the word!

  2. Important Political Analyst

    I blame President Obama… He needs to quit telling us what he would do if elected again and instead actually do something while elected…

    Obama can start with a bailout for Larry’s Pizza! That would stimulate the economy, create jobs, and boost morale of the general public. So it’s a win-win situation.

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