the new theme

As you might’ve noticed, we’re testing a new graphical theme here.  It may still have some design issues to work through, but I’m not gonna keep putting it off until everything is perfect.  It’s not like the last one was perfect, anyway.  🙂

The background image will change, perhaps numerous times.  For starting out, it has a picture of lightning that I took.  If anyone would like to contribute custom images for the background (that are copyright-free, of course), they will be considered.  The header image will change, too, from time to time.  Change is good, right?

I know this post doesn’t say much, but it’s announcing change.  And from working in a large IT company a few years ago, I learned that a reorg (reorganization) is a sign of progress, even if nothing actually changes.  It sounds productive, anyway.  Maybe it promotes increased “synergy”, whatever that is supposed to mean.  So consider this progress toward making this a better blog.  🙂

Buffet o’ Blog — Now with better graphics and more synergy!*

* Contains more synergy than the average leading brand.  Your mileage may vary.  Standard blog disclaimers apply.

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