three years of blogging

February marked the 3-year anniversary of Buffet o’ Blog.   From such humble beginnings, this site has become the awesomeness that it is today.  🙂  And as always, there is no charge for the awesomeness.

In the past year, we’ve added a few new features that have proven popular, and there’s a few more in the works.  We’re keeping the same random goodness that you come back for, as well as making changes to improve your experience.  So you could say we’re both conservative AND liberal, at the same time.   But we’re not like politicians, because we’re not evil nor trying to take over the country.   (And rest assured, we won’t ever be evil.)

Traffic has continued growing as well.  Here’s a chart, so it looks all official and stuff.

look at the traffic!

As you can see, the traffic peaked in October, then has stayed in the 11,000 to 12,000 range.  I blame it on the economy.   But at least our chart looks better than the stock market…

Here’s the all-time blog statistics, for those of you who are interested in such things.

Total # of posts: 623
Total # of comments: 2,669
Total # of spam comments blocked: 55,053
Total # of page views: 161,241
Best day of traffic: 940 hits (page views) on October 31, 2008.

Last year at this time, we had only 40,740 page hits, so in just the last year, we’ve had 120,501 hits.  Inconceivable!  I’m amazed that so many people have seen and perhaps read some of my ramblings.  Does this mean I’m famous?  Is my blog now officially not obscure?  🙂

The daily traffic has its ups and downs, with Saturdays and Sundays typically being the lowest traffic days.   (I wonder why that is… surely it doesn’t mean most people check this only at work…  😮  But if so, that’s okay with me!)  We’ve currently had over 307 consecutive days (and counting) of 100+ hits, and recently had 143 consecutive days of 200+ hits.  The latter streak was broken during the Christmas holiday, when traffic went down.

Some researchers have said that laughing heartily adds 7 years to your life.  So think of all the people who have been helped by this blog!   That’s all the thanks I need (although I’m not against hearing more compliments, should anyone have any, and I also accept cookies, gift cards, and U.S. currency).  🙂

I wish we were having a big party to celebrate, but it’s just not in the budget this year.   Maybe someday WordPress will allow ads on the blog and by then we’ll be getting thousands of hits per day, and thus we’d make some money.  Then we’ll have a big party.  (And by big, I mean lots of food… y’know, the important stuff.)

And of course, I have to thank you, my readers.  Without you, I’d be talking (writing) to myself.  And that would be sad… but because of you, it’s awesome!  (See the difference you make?  You should feel special.)

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