Qwerty Warriors!

Today’s post goes out to all of today’s readers asking themselves the question:

…how can I beat back boredom and help pass the time?
…how can I improve my typing skills and thus my job performance?
…how can I play a game, save the world and still accomplish the above?

well today is your lucky day!

I now present to you …(queue echo effect)
QWERTY WARRIORS!!!! (click here to play)

The rules are simple:
simply pick your skill level and Destroy the oncoming soldiers, tanks, mech warriors and other enemies by typing words to shoot them (note: be sure to hit the ‘enter’ key to submit the word typed)

why don’t we start a friendly competition to see how well you do?
after playing leave a comment on this post with your name, skill level, and score.

(there is also a high scoreboard to see how well you place against other players online)

4 thoughts on “Qwerty Warriors!

  1. Beppo

    Yawn… I just played the hard level and got 120,570 on my first try, to get first place on the online leader board.



  2. Beppo

    @ Mango-Man: Words, words, words… Try talking smack AFTER you get the high score.

    BTW, I realize my top score was on the “this day” board, and that’s fine. I’m not aiming for the other board because that takes way too much time, and I’ve got stuff to do. 🙂 But any of you reading this are welcome to try to break my score of 120,570.

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