more bacon-related ramblings

I realize my last few posts have been about bacon.  Surely no one has a problem with this.  I mean, bacon is one of the best foods, and it goes well with a lot of other foods.  I didn’t intend to keep writing about bacon, but it just kept coming up in conversations.  See, I’m doing it again!  I’m writing about the trend of writing about bacon, and so I’m writing about bacon again.

Actually, I had some bacon earlier for supper…  I stopped by Taco Bell to try their new Bacon Club Chalupa.  It sounded good, and I wanted to research* it for all of the faithful Buffet o’ Blog readers.  (Yeah, I’m willing to make such sacrifices.)  It was pretty good, too.  It had chicken and bacon plus a special sauce, along with the regular taco toppings.  I’d eat it again.

* eat

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