don’t play with your food

I recently had lunch at a local Mexican restaurant with several different couples.  One couple had two children, both boys, and they were having trouble with not getting in trouble.  At one point during the meal, I looked that way, and one of the boys had several small action figures standing in the refried beans on his plate.  He was creating some story to go with them, as kids do, and it was awesome.  But when his dad saw this, he wasn’t very happy at all, and he made his son quit immediately.  I wish he would’ve let him continue.  The toys were already dirty, and it was obvious he was past the eating phase of his meal.

I wanted to take a picture with my cell phone, but there wasn’t time before his dad caught him and made him quit.

5 thoughts on “don’t play with your food

  1. Famous Psychologist From a Far Away Land:

    Is that the pitter-patter of little buffet-o-blog administrators that I hear in the not-too-distant future??????

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