the special days of October, pt. 1

It’s now October, and like we did last month, we’re going to look at some of the special holidays this month.  There’s a bunch, and we’re going to cover less than half of them (mainly the humorous and fun and random ones).  Let’s begin with the celebrations that last for the whole month.

October is :

  • Awareness Month — This is for those people who don’t have a clue.  This is the month you should try to figure out what’s going on in the world.  And, fortunately for you, the staff at Buffet o’ Blog are here to help.  You can ask any question via the “contact us” form, and we’ll probably give you an answer.  We know lots of stuff.  Go ahead and try it out.
  • Cookie Month — This one is awesome.  For the whole month, you should appreciate cookies.  And what better way to appreciate them than to eat them?  So you should eat cookies every day.
  • National Pizza Month — Another wonderful food to celebrate!  Pizza is truly one of the best meals possible.  And we are supposed to celebrate it for a whole month!  So that means we all need to eat a lot of pizza and not take it for granted.  Now, I realize that pizza can be unhealthy sometimes, but this is a holiday, so diets don’t apply.  So eat all the pizza you want.  And I’d like to send a big shout-out to whoever thought up this holiday, because it was a great idea.
  • National Dessert Month — This is almost too much awesomeness for one month, I think.  Cookies, pizza, and all desserts, to be eaten all month.  Is November the national diet month?  It can’t be, because of Thanksgiving, where you’re expected to eat as much as possible.  Anyway, if there’s still room for more food after all the pizza and cookies, eat lots of desserts.
  • Sarcastic Month — Whoa!  By my interpolation of this, it means we get the license to be sarcastic all month!  I wonder who thought up this holiday (and if they thought it through).
  • I’m still thinking about how to best handle the food situation for October.  (I can’t help it — it’s exciting!)  Because when I fully appreciate pizza during a meal, there’s usually no room left for dessert, even cookies.  But I don’t want to leave anything out.  So here’s the tentative plan.  I’ll eat cookies for breakfast, all-you-can-eat pizza for lunch (preferably Larry’s Pizza), and then have desserts for supper/dinner.  And for those of you with a voracious appetite, all three of those options make excellent snacks, too.  So what more could you ask for?

    Of course, you aren’t limited to just those foods.  And beverages will be required also.  The official Buffet o’ Blog recommendation for drinks that fit with these meals is sweet tea with the pizza, and milk with the cookies and desserts.  You can’t go wrong with that, and it is actually the best option, too.

    Well, we haven’t even got to the weekly and daily holidays yet for October, but this is getting really long, so I’ll continue them in the next post.  Stay tuned…

    4 thoughts on “the special days of October, pt. 1

    1. Mango-Man

      If such a holiday as ‘national vegetarian month’ ever comes about i’ll just choose not to acknowledge it. it’s like… my prerogative or something 🙂
      I know there are some religious denominations that choose not to celebrate Christmas (now what’s THAT all about?)

    2. Not a Cannibal, but stayed at the Donner Party Hotel

      I don’t think National Vegetarian Month would be that bad. I mean, for National Pizza month we eat pizza, for Dessert month we eat dessert…

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