it’s time to save the world again

explosion - Licorne shot, French Polynesia, 1970, 1

cookieAccording to the Mayans, the world is about to end.  I reckon I better get busy saving it.  (Yeah, I procrastinated.  Besides, last-minute heroics are much more dramatic.)  If we’re all here on the 22nd, then I was successful.  In appreciation, I’ll accept homemade chocolate-chip cookies.  Other forms of gifts may be considered.  Now, I have a job to do…

100 years of Oreos

Nom nom nom

This week the Oreo cookie turned 100 years old.  What a great invention it was!  Can you imagine how the inventor felt when he first created it?  And when he first dipped it in milk?

Here’s a “fact” about Oreos you may not know.  There are 3 rows of Oreos per package because there are actually just 3 servings per package.  That makes it easy to limit yourself to one serving per serving.  🙂

That may not pass intellectual muster, but here’s a true fact.  Sales of Oreos in 2011 were over $2 billion.  That’s a LOT of cookies!  On a semi-related note, Kraft Foods, who owns the Oreo brand, also sells Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, which is turning 75 this year.

I wonder what the next great food-related invention will be…  We tend to take great food for granted, but there are times in history when there was no such thing as chocolate-chip cookies, or Oreos, or Cheetos, or cheese dip.  (I can’t imagine life without cheese dip!)  There has to be some next great food out there just waiting to be discovered.

marketing with warm cookies

I was recently in the Denver, Colorado, area for a week, and I stayed two nights at a Comfort Inn.  When I first arrived and checked in, I was impressed by a basket filled with warm cookies, including the chocolate-chip variety.  That makes a great first impression!  Sadly, the cookies had limited availability at other times, sometimes with no basket there whatsoever.  It appears you just had to be lucky to be there when there were cookies.

I realize having a cookie buffet will result in some customers taking multiple cookies, some even hoarding some for later, but surely the value of positive word-of-mouth (such as this) would be much greater than the cost of a few cookies!  So why don’t more places do this?

Imagine how great the world would be if more places offered warm cookies for free…

caption contest, Stormtrooper with cookies

This week’s caption contest features both desserts and Star Wars humor, so it’s bound to be good!  The photo is of an Imperial Stormtrooper carrying a tray of food, which looks to be some sort of cookies or donuts.  I’m not sure what the food is nor what is going on, but that’s okay, because you get to write the context.   If you think of something funny explaining what could be going on here, let us know in a comment.  Or even if it doesn’t explain the story but is funny, that’s fine.  Just keep it clean and make it funny.

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