Did NASA say there’s a man on the Moon?

NASA released an article about the September 2007 Aurigid meteor shower.  You can read the news release for details, but I want to point out something unusual they said.  The article said it’s important to consider the dust particles because :

    * Only known case in our lifetime: crossing of the dust trail of a known long period comet.
    * Long-period comets, such as were Hale-Bopp, Hyakutake, and McNaught, tend to sneak up on us. They are a potential impact danger. What can the dust trail tell us about their physical nature?
    * Their dust is a danger to satellites in orbit and man working on the Moon.
    * Dust stream could contain material from original cosmic-ray produced crust of comet.

I emphasized part of that, because it sounds like there’s a man working on the Moon.  Could this be a major slip-up by NASA?  Supposedly we haven’t been back to the Moon since the original landings back in 1969-1972.  That’s 35 years!  Could this be the next big conspiracy theory?  Let’s consider the details.  Why would we want people on the Moon?  To mine resources, or for spying, or the start of an intergalactic military moon base.  If there are people on the Moon, why haven’t any amateur astronomers seen them?  The same side of the Moon always faces Earth, so they could be hiding on the backside of the Moon and we’d never see them.  And how many countries have any satellites or spacecraft that go outside the orbit of the Moon?  Just the U.S., as far as I know.  So if someone (or something) was hiding on the backside of the Moon, who are the only people who would know?  NASA.  And now they’ve accidentally said something about a “man working on the Moon”, which supposedly hasn’t happened in 35 years.  So why would they even mention it?  Think about it…  and leave your thoughts in the comments.  Let’s figure out what’s going on here…

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