You can be like spidey!

With all the hype around the recent release of the new Spiderman movie it’s clear that many of us wish that we had Spiderman like powers. well now you CAN! check out this (admittedly graphically challenged yet fun) ‘Spiderman-esqe’ game called double wires that I found on the web. Now anyone can be spider man! (costume sold separately) Try it HERE

14 thoughts on “You can be like spidey!

  1. Thomas Wayne

    I got 57.49 yards. But the graphics and simulation features were hindering me. If it was real life, I could’ve went on indefinitely.

    BTW, on the ending screen, you can still control him, and you can get him to get through some of the walls. And you can get him to bang his head on the wall quite a bit, too…

  2. Mango-Man

    HA 57.49 yards? My first try I got 132.44 (& have the screenshot to prove it) I did notice that after you die you can still move him around… in fact on the first splash screen you can do it to.

  3. Thomas Wayne

    I wasn’t trying very hard… plus, there was something in my eye… and I was thirsty…

    Like I said, in real life, I could keep going and going on something like that. The simulation just couldn’t keep up with my clicking, so it must be defective and stuff…

  4. Bolivian Pizza Boy

    74.81. And I have the bruises to prove it. This game can be addictive.
    I had so much fun. if this game was made in the 80’s for nintendo or atari I bet it would have been very popular. I mean, pong was popular and it is boring (denial response).

    Anyway, is there not one who can tame the Mango-Man?

    Surely, we have some great athletic people on this notoriously funny and family friendly website geared towards being funny in a funny way and that is funny I don’t care who ‘er.

  5. Important Evil Genius (E.D)

    Mwa – ha ha ha!!! Just one more thing that I DOMINATE at! I have CRUSHED the score of the Mango scented flower boy! I have achieved a score of 177.35 yards (at which point I got bored and took a nap)

    I challege you mere mortal men to best my score!

  6. Mr. Destructo

    I would decimate your record, but as I am not a mere mortal man, I do not qualify for the terms of your challenge. (Besides, I just don’t have the free time. My most recent research paper is due soon, and I must finish analyzing the fluorocarbon output of metastable nuclear isomers during the sphaleron process. It’s really quite intriguing!)

  7. Important Evil Genius (E.D)

    What? don’t have time! that’s the lamest thing i’ve ever heard! The college years are supposed to be the ones in which you are most free. Mr. Destructo I truly Pity you… I pity you because of you large dreams and small mind, becuase if your great boasts and miniscule success. It’s obvious that you are eclipsed by my greatness. after all if you can’t even challenge me in a simple game… how can you expect to challenge me for world domination? Go on back to analyzing the flouride taste of a nuclear summer… btw… did I mention I pity you?

  8. Important Evil Genius (E.D)

    greatness? surely you just ‘say what’ I only quit last time cuase I got tired & went for a nap… I just tried the game again and scored 280.98 (with screen shot to prove) at which point the game indeed becomes a bit repetitive so I again stopped play. So again I place the challenge… beat my score if you can!

  9. Thomas Wayne

    Shouldn’t the “Important Evil Genius” be trying to actually accomplish something significant in his last hours? Some say he’s as old as Methusalem, which would mean he doesn’t have a lot of time left.

    Perhaps his abundance of free time is because all his plans were foiled and he’s now in hiding, hiding from the IRS for tax evasion.

    Or, perhaps he’s not even an “Important Evil Genius”. I suspect he’s a fraud, a wanna-be.

  10. Important Evil Genius (E.D)

    I do believe you mean Methuselah! get your facts straight!

    I’ll also have you know that i’m quite spry for my age and plan to live forever … (so far so good) Just because I like to take the occasional break from the tedium of world domination in no way implies any sort of impairment on my side. And if hiding includes carrying out research in my fortress surrounded and guarded by legions of faithful soldiers… then indeed I am hiding… not in fear… but planning… ever so carefully planning and strategizing!

    Thomas Wayne I warn you dont mess with me! when you play with fire… you WILL get burned! … seriously I got a nasty burn yesterday while playing with my lighter…

  11. Thomas Wayne

    HA! You really showed that “Important Evil Genius” what’s up! I think your new high score is safe. He probably couldn’t stay awake long enough to beat that! 🙂

    To answer the old man… Methusalem was pretty old, too… 🙂 BTW, I don’t need facts to know I’m right!

    I’m also going to live forever, so you’ll always have someone exposing your fraudulence. You might as well keep hiding in your secret nap cave…

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