a short, funny story

One of my friends told me the story of a guy they know who fixed lasagna for his family the other night, and then his wife said, “But I’m tired of mexican food…”  🙂

True story.

8 thoughts on “a short, funny story

  1. Buffet o' Blog Administrator

    It was random… do we need a point? 🙂 I thought it was amusing, just for humor’s sake.

    However, if our readers are able to interpolate some hidden meaning from it, more power to ’em… but such things are left as an exercise for the reader, in this case.

  2. Dumb Blonde (the original)

    Dear B.o.B. Administrator,

    I am a faithful reader, but making your readers exercise, well that is just going too far!

  3. another dumb blonde

    Hi BOB!
    i like to exercise. but i especially like to eat after i exercise. my trainer says he can’t understand why i’m gaining weight, but that’s his job to figure out. i just eat spam and mexican food like pizza. YUM!!!

  4. Kri'

    OK… enough time has passed… we need hints as to who would mistake lasagna for Mexican food when we all know it is one of the greatest Chinese dishes ever concocted.

    This person must pay a dear price of humiliation for their ignorance.

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