the missing April Fool’s post

On a site that specializes in randomness, you’d expect something on April Fool’s Day, but somehow it didn’t happen here.  I could make excuses for that, or I could just say, “I had stuff to do.”  (I’m choosing the latter.)  And so there was no post yesterday.  But there’s no need to be discouraged, because we provide randomness every day (almost), so you don’t have to wait until April 1 next year.  Our R&D department is hard at work developing new products which may or may not exist, and you’ll be hearing about more of them in the future.  (One of our more famous ones was a new shampoo made from real cocoa.)

A good source of April Fool’s Day hoaxes is Google.  They’ve had some really innovative products that happened to get released on April 1.  I found a listing of them all, if you want to peruse them : Google’s April Fool’s Day hoaxes.  Here’s a listing of them, to refresh your memory (or stir your curiosity) : Google MentalPlex, Pigeon Rank, Google Lunar/Copernicus Center, Google Gulp, Google Romance, Gmail Paper, Google TiSP.

I like the new ones (the last two listed).  Google TiSP offers free wireless Internet access through existing lines in your house : the sewer lines.  It interfaces with your toilet to provide access to the Internet.  And your packages can arrive through the sewer lines, so you don’t have to depend on UPS or FedEx.  I signed up…

And the Gmail Paper option is neat, too.  You can have your e-mails printed and mailed to you.  This is helpful for those people who miss sorting and filing their papers in cabinets and drawers.  And some people like having piles of papers in the floor of their bedroom, too, so this is really handy for them.  I’ve thought of adding a similar option to this blog, creating a “Print Blog” link, for everyone’s convenience, so you can read it while you’re on the toilet or on a long flight, or you can give a copy to someone who doesn’t have Internet access yet.

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