the best ice cream ever

In one of our staff discussions today, we started talking about ice cream, specifically how adding Oreos to vanilla ice cream makes it so much better.  Our resident randomness expert, Turtle Dundee, suggested making an ice cream called “Awesome ‘n Cream”.  Start with vanilla ice cream and lots of crumbled Oreos, then add chunks of chocolate, cookie dough, graham crackers crumbs, more types of chocolate, etc.  He said it would be “ice cream that ate like a stew”.  I don’t particularly care for that analogy, but his point was that there would be many chunks of toppings — more than you could shake a stick at.  In fact, there would be more toppings than ice cream.

Perhaps Ben & Jerry’s could implement this, since they aren’t afraid to try new things.  Just remember that you heard it here first.  (And we better get some credit for it.)  It should be sold in reinforced buckets, with the slogan of, “This has so many toppings that the standard container couldn’t handle it.”

Another possible slogan could be, “This is the most awesome ice cream ever!”  Yeah, that sounds catchy.  The TV commercials could have the official spokesman say stuff like, “Our competitors are mad because we thought of this first.”

14 thoughts on “the best ice cream ever

  1. B.o.B. Fan Club President

    I think the name of this ice cream should be “Buffet o’ Toppings” or something to keep the trademark in line with this blog, the origin of the best stew-like ice cream ever. And people say that this blog doesn’t make a difference in people’s lives. They can’t say that anymore now that this blog came up with the best tasting ice cream on the planet, according to an independent research study.*

    *There was no research study. Why would we take the time and pay the money it takes to do a study, the outcome of which is common sense to any lover of fine ice creams and toppings?

  2. Kri'

    The beautiful thing is: you can make this very kind of ice cream at a nice little place called “Cold Stone Creamery.”

    I personally get the coffee ice cream, and have them add graham cracker crust, caramel, and Twix candy bar crumbled up. Oh yeah….

  3. Beppo

    Yeah, Cold Stone Creamery is great, and you can have them make ice cream w/lots of toppings. However, the flaw in the slaw is that there isn’t one in my hometown. Plus, I’d rather have a big bucket of premium ice cream like that at home, where I can buy it in bulk (for a nice discount, of course) and have it anytime I want.

    At Cold Stone Creamery, I typically get the sweet cream ice cream, adding graham cracker crumbs and Oreos. Mmm…

  4. Cole slaw is heaven on earth!

    how ’bout Cole Slaw Ice Cream with EXTRA MAYO AND PICKLE RELISH!!!! yummmy…that is good eatin, i dont care who ya ‘er

  5. B.o.B. Fan Club President

    As the president of this blog’s fan club, I would dare say that your loving comments towards, pickles, relish, cole slaw, or tater salad will not be tolerated on this blog. Such comments in support of evil, non-food type items have been met with swift retribution in the past and I would expect the present and future to be no different.

    Now in regards to TW’s wish to become this blog’s fan club pres, you’ll have to take that up with those who duly elected ME.*

    *There was no vote, I made it up. Hey look, I’m a democrat so I’m allowed to make things up and not be called on it!!!

  6. Say what?!

    Are you saying that we democrats are not honest?! Fellow demoncrat, you must understand that we are TRUTH INCARNATE!!!!!!

  7. B.o.B. Fan Club President

    Was that intentional when you put “demoNcrat” or was it a Fraudian slip (named for the famous psychologist Sigmund Fraud who frequents obscure blogs like this one in his free time)?

  8. Thomas Wayne

    Politics and fraud aside, isn’t the new “Buffet o’ Toppings” ice cream great?

    I think ice cream should be a nonpartisan topic…

  9. Cookies-n-cream-o-wheat

    …unless the topic, of course, is debating on the best plan of action for making ice cream…..politics and ice cream don’t mix 😦

  10. Thomas Wayne

    If it was up to Democrats to come up with the best plan of action for making ice cream, we wouldn’t have any ice cream, because all they’d do is talk about it and complain at how incompetent George W. Bush is. All talk, no action, is what we’d have. Fortunately the Dems aren’t in charge of making ice cream.

    The world would be a much sadder place without ice cream.

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