pimped-out toilet sweepstakes

pimped-out toilet
We’ve had a discussion here on how to make the best bathroom, but we figured most of those ideas would never be realized (unless one of us becomes crazy-rich).  Well, Roto-Rooter now has a sweepstakes where you can win the ultimate “pimped out john”.  Yeah, it’s a toilet with almost all the luxuries you could think of.  There’s a 20″ LCD flat-panel TV, an Xbox 360, DVD player, TiVo Series 2 digital video recorder (DVR), cooling fan that you can move, refrigerator, pedal exerciser for your legs, a laptop (on a stand), a magnification mirror, a USB-powered cup cooler/warmer for your beverage, and the toilet paper holder is also an iPod docking station (and the iPod is included).  But wait, that’s not all!  It also comes with a megaphone (which they say is for telling people about the toilet or asking for more TP, but I suspect some people would find other creative uses for it).

By the way, this is for-real.  You can go to this website to enter : pimped-out john sweepstakes.  The sweepstakes is valid until April 2, 2007.  So tell your friends.  Who wouldn’t want this in your house???*

* Wives need not answer that question.  If a married man wins this, he would have to put his foot down and demand it be accepted.  There has never been a cooler toilet in the history of mankind.

BTW, you can enter once a day, to increase your odds of winning.  Although, realistically, you shouldn’t waste your time entering a lot, because I’m gonna win it.  🙂

9 thoughts on “pimped-out toilet sweepstakes

  1. All About Toilets!

    If I were to win! They’d be no stinkin exercise equipment! Maybe a leather belt for those teeth gritting days!!

  2. Not a Plumber, but stayed at a Holiday Inn Express

    Well, this does sound …. interesting. According to the offical rules, they will bring it to your house, and install it for you. But electrical and cable hookups are your problem, as is having enough space to fit this toilet, which measures just under 7ft wide and 4 ft deep, which is roughly the size of a twin bed. I don’t think most bathrooms leave that much empty space around a toliet, so there would be some remodeling involved.

  3. Kri'

    Well, that would be necessary remodeling that would take place. Whatever it took – add an entirely new bathroom in your house if necessary.

    Must… have… this… toilet….

  4. Ranting Wife

    What use do I have in this toilet! I mean, you men have got to be kidding that any of your wives who ever allow such a contraption invade the sanctity of a nice rose smelling bathroom with the color pink decorating every surface.

    Even my hisband agrees that this toilet is stupid.. right dear???

    Husband ( in a meer whisper): “Yes, dear. It is the stupidest thing ever invented.”

  5. Wife Of A Beppo

    Wow! I hope my husband wins this thing, because I bet it will go for big bucks when we put it on eBay…

  6. Beppo

    What?!? This would look cool in our bathroom. We could make green the primary color, so it would all match.

    If it won’t fit in the current house, we’ll just have to build another house, and my office/study can have its own bathroom designed around this. 🙂

  7. Gaming and flushing

    I can see it now….I am playing AOE2 with all of my buddies while donating some extra biohazardous material to our friendly neighborhood city sanitation dept.

  8. Poopaholic

    The only thing lacking is some air freshner and an autoflusher so you don’t get distracted and stay in there all day with a poop still floating. Also it needs a phone charger. Man, if I had that I would stay in there for hours… Actually, I already do.

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