zombies, stew, cartoons, work, and nachos

Does the subject line intrigue you?  Are you wondering how I can work all that into a single post?  Well, hang on for the ride into randomness.  🙂

Earlier today I was searching through my e-mail archives for something, and came across this e-mail between Thomas Wayne and Mango-Man from back in 2001 :

Graveyards are peaceful… except when it’s late at night, like around midnight, and you can barely see, and you hear these groaning noises but can’t see anyone, then you feel this hand on your shoulder, and it’s all covered w/hair & warts, and you scream AHHHHH! and run away as fast as you can, dodging open holes reserved for caskets, all the while these people are chasing you, and their clothes are all tattered & torn, and they’re limping but somehow they keep up w/you, and you keep running but you never get to the end of the graveyard, even though it’s not that big…  well, maybe that’s just on TV… oh, wait, the TV’s off… ~ Thomas Wayne

and then there was that time… that you decided you were smarter than that wile e. coyote… & you think you CAN catch that old road runner … so you set a trap so that when he opens the door an anvil falls on his head… but after you spring the trap and catch the roadrunner you realize that its not really the roadrunner after all, but your older brother and he don’t think it’s funny.  in fact he’s pretty ticked off… and is screaming about all the terrible things he’s gonna do to ya… but that’s okay… because he’s tied up in a big ole pot full of water and carrots & tators… i mean, after all… what’s he gonna do??? ~ Mango-Man

Well, that was certainly random…  It sounds like they were working too much and/or had been watching too many cartoons.  Although, is it possible to watch too many cartoons?  That might be debatable.  But I know for a fact that it’s possible to work too much.  My personal “research” has proven that without doubt.  These things must be kept in balance.  I need to work less and watch more cartoons.  Or even better — find a job where my work is to watch cartoons… and eat nachos… and drink unlimited amounts of sweet tea.  If only I could figure out how to get paid for that…

One thought on “zombies, stew, cartoons, work, and nachos

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