Are some people too stupid to be healthy?

In the news, there is a group called National Action Against Obesity that thinks the Girl Scouts shouldn’t sell their cookies because they make Americans overweight.  And Prince Charles thinks McDonalds should be banned.  And some people think Oreos shouldn’t be sold because they make kids fat.  (BTW, Oreos also make adults fat, according to my research.)

Anyone with a clue can see that the problem isn’t the food but with the people who eat the food.  Most of us eat too much junk food and fast food, plus we don’t exercise enough.  But that’s our choice, right?  Last I checked, this is supposed to be a free country.  But apparently some groups think the government should regulate what we are allowed to eat.  This raises an interesting question — are some people too stupid to be healthy?

If the answer is no, meaning that obese people are fat because they choose to eat too much and not exercise enough, then the government should stay out of our business.  But if it’s true that some people are too stupid to be healthy, then perhaps some regulation is necessary.

I’d like to hear what you think on this issue…

6 thoughts on “Are some people too stupid to be healthy?

  1. Important Doctor

    and according to my *’expanding research’ eating powered doughnuts for breakfast can also make you fat

    it’s not the governments place to over-see what we eat… more education on what is healthy/acceptable is what we need.

    *reseach conducted by monitoring ‘expansion’ of my belly.

  2. Stupid Fatman

    I must confess that we Americans are just not smart enough to conjour up the willpower to say “no” to daily fast food or treats.

    Or could it be that most americans ,like myself, don’t want to be responsible for my own health and that if I die from some horrible cardiac disease, stroke, diabetes, etc. then IT IS THE GOVERNMENT’S FAULT. not mine.

    We should also recommend that the government stop all alcohol consumption due to auto accidents, abusive husbands, underage drinking… wait we tried that…it don’t work. Besides we place the BLAME on poor alcohol use on THE INDIVIDUAL, not the government. If we are to be held responsible for alcohol use, why not hold americans responsible for food consumption??

    In conclusion, I love fried chicken, hearty cheese dip, pork chops, and anything that comes from a Mexican restuarant. and I am fully aware of the consequences. BRING ON THE BUFFET!!!

  3. Trans Fatty

    I’ll use the same argument here that I used on another obscure blog recently: People want to blame everything on somebody or something besides the one who is at fault. People try to blame shooting on the guns and that’s like Rosie O’Donnell blaming spoons for her being fat. America is full of limp wristed, slack-jawed, lily-livered, linguine-spined people who have to be pampered and babied and won’t accept responsibility for their own actions. I’ll be the first to tell you that I am fat. I’m not necessarily proud of that fact, but the truth is, it is because of my poor eating choices and lack of physical activity.

  4. Thomas Wayne

    The “Important Doctor” said something about “powered doughnuts”. Perhaps he would care to elaborate on them… What exactly is powered about them?

  5. Dumb Blonde

    Duh! Powdered doughnuts are like, totally what they use in army food. Just add water and BAM, you got doughnuts!

  6. Important Doctor

    the ‘power’ is supplied by ‘powdered sugar’

    everyone knows the body converts sugar to energy.
    sadly when there is too much ‘power’ the body acts as a giant battery and stores the excess energy.

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