some Super Bowl game

I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about some Super Bowl game today…  Is it something going on at the bowling alley?  I don’t know…  But if it’s some special bowling thing, like where you see how many pins you can knock down in 30 minutes, then your partner bowls and you see how many nachos you can eat in 30 minutes, then you keep switching, that would be pretty cool.

Or the Super Bowl could be one of those “never-ending pasta bowls” I’ve heard advertised by Olive Garden.  That could be considered a “super bowl”.  I’m all about all-you-can-eat!

Or maybe it’s referring to this show I saw part of this afternoon, called III.  It was in some sort of stadium, with green astroturf and white parallel lines painted on it.  There were various toys, and the puppies would run around, chase each other and even tackle each other.  Sometimes a man in a zebra-looking outfit would come out, blow a whistle, and say something like “illegal down” when one of the puppies pooped on the field.  It was pretty entertaining.  They also had a kitty half-time show, where they brought out this elaborate stage with lots of props.  And there were lots of people cheering.  But they didn’t call it the “Super Bowl”, so perhaps that isn’t what all the hoopla is about.  (BTW, Animal Planet has some online if you want to check it out.)

I heard that some people might even skip Sunday night church to see this big game.  So it must be something really important.  I don’t know of any game that would make me skip church, so I’m feeling discombobulated about what it could be.  I just don’t know…

Oh, well…  In a way I feel like I’m missing out, since so many people are talking about it, but it can’t be better than service at church tonight.  So I’ll just have to miss this big game, whatever it is.

(Yes, I’m being somewhat facetious, if you couldn’t tell.  Except for the part about church service being better — that’s true.  And the idea of unlimited nachos and bowling sounds pretty good, too.  But not during church…)

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