a woman who’s afraid of snowmen

This past Wednesday it started snowing while we were at work, so naturally everyone gathered at the window to watch it.  (We don’t get a lot of snow here in central Arkansas.)  We talked about building snowmen and such, and one woman said she’s scared of snowmen.  Of course someone asked why, because that’s not normal.  She said when she was a kid, there would be snowmen that started melting and looking all hideous, and so she’s bothered by them to this day.  And she’s over 30…

Does anyone have any advice for this poor woman?  She needs help.

4 thoughts on “a woman who’s afraid of snowmen

  1. Thomas Wayne

    This sounds like a job for the “Important Psychiatrist”… Is he still around here?

    I don’t think it’s healthy to be scared of snowmen! I mean, they’re pretty much harmless. She’s probably scared of all kinds of stuff…

  2. Sigmund Fraud

    When we realize that the woman’s father was a quite rotund individual with three distinct fat rolls (shaped like a snowman) and that he often hid around corners and inside closets and jumped out and frightened this young woman, we will still see that she’s just a woman who can’t separate a fat man from Frosty. Psssshhhh!

  3. Important Doctor

    I think being afraid of snowmen is a ridiculosity… I propose she move past this fear by confronting it… with a hair dryer… & melt the face from it’s freezing shoulders.

    On the downside this may only serve exacerbate ‘anxiety’ when the headless snowman begins to chase her around the yard.

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