an eBook powered by natural resources

I was walking through the infamous Buffet o’ Blog Research & Development department earlier today, and I overheard this phrase :

“I don’t think the world is ready yet for a computer you can pee on.”

Yep, this is from our R&D dept.  (Or would that be R&P?)  🙂

I inquired further, to see what prompted such a comment, and they were discussing using old computer hardware such as a Tablet PC and converting it to be a low-cost eBook, and converting it to run on poop.  Anyhow, whoever said the quote above is probably right.  While it would be a low-cost alternative and it would be great on camping trips, I don’t think the world is ready for that yet.  Perhaps they should just sit on that idea for a while…

At least they’re thinking outside the box, which you want an R&D dept. to do…  but sometimes they go so far away from the box that they’re like, “What box?”  🙂

4 thoughts on “an eBook powered by natural resources

  1. Mango-Man

    Hey… R&D department … you should make a laptop that you charge by shaking it. I’ve seen stores selling flashlights that don’t even have batteries in them. You just shake them for a few minutes… & wah-lah! LIGHT! this could be revolutionary in the pc department… and MUCH more sanitary that poop… besides… it would be reminiscent of the old etch-a-sketch’s and make people feel all young & stuff from the nostalgia… also it’d give those computer nerds out there some much needed exercise… it’s something for everyone!

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Make the laptop really tough, where you can throw it in the air and charge it that way. 🙂

    If I could fling my laptop down the hall, and kick it, and toss it off the building, to charge it, work would be more enjoyable.

    Yeah, someone should make this happen…

  3. Onyxinferno

    How about creating a battery pack out of plant cells, with a solar panel. The computer could be powered through the process of photosynthesis and it would give off oxygen at the same time. It’s good for the environment by giving off oxygen and by not using acidic batteries that would need to be properly disposed of later. It would also be good for scuba divers since there is no real electricity running through the computer.

  4. Thomas Wayne

    Yeah, let’s make plants our slaves! They will produce energy for us! And they can’t complain about being worked too hard…

    Seriously, that’s actually a good idea. I don’t know if the logistics would work out, but somebody ought to try figuring it out.

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