a chance of snow today!

There’s a chance of snow today!  Here in central Arkansas, this is big news.  We get very little snow each year — sometimes no accumulation, sometimes a few inches.  I suspect the grocery stores are already out of bread and milk, even though it’s still a few hours until the precipitation is supposed to start.  (That’s just how things work here; people stock up like we’re having a blizzard that’ll keep us home for weeks.)  The forecast is mostly for a “wintry mix” with some potential snow.

Anyway, on to the randomness related to this event.  I asked our resident randomness expert, Turtle Dundee, for his forecast on the upcoming inclement weather situation, and he had a very original response :

My forecast, perhaps a bit on the optimistic side, is for an enormous blizzard with 27 and a half feet of snow.  This blizzard will be so intense that it will create small glaciers and miniature wooly mammoths, which will taste like chicken.

Then our other writer continued that flow of randomness even further :

Ooh yeah… and on top of that the small glaciers will carve a small to medium crevice in my back yard which I will proclaim as the “diminutive canyon”.  People will come from far and wide to pay admission for the chance to see and/or pee in it. We can serve lemonade and wooly mammoth on a stick!

I don’t think I care too much about peeing in a canyon, but the idea of wooly mammoth on a stick does sound interesting…

2 thoughts on “a chance of snow today!

  1. i am woman-hear me roar

    anything tastes good on a stick 🙂

    It’s snowing right now!! I too believe that there will be at least 5 or 6 feet accumulating. But I do have a serious problem……I have less than a half gallon of milk 😦 I wonder if chihuahua milk is any good?????

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