a degree in cleaning bathrooms

The World Toilet College in Singapore is starting to offer a 64-hour course to certify trainees as “restroom specialists”.  That seems like a lot of training on cleaning bathrooms.  But the city is promoting it for all 5,000 of its toilet cleaners, and the workers who complete it will get about a 27% raise, so obviously it’s a big deal to them.

Also from the article :

In November last year, the government released new guidelines for public toilet usage to cut down on long lines at women’s restrooms.  It has also published maps to Singapore’s 500 cleanest public toilets, and awarded “five-star” or “Happy Toilet” ratings to those with spic-and-span interiors.

The map of the cleanest public toilets sounds like a good idea.  I’m not really sure what the new “guidelines” are for public toilet usage…

3 thoughts on “a degree in cleaning bathrooms

  1. Thomas Wayne

    That’s actually a good idea! Find some way to have high scores, and have them displayed on a flat-screen TV on the wall. You might even get more business, because guys would be talking about the bathroom.

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