Christmas presents, 2006

As someone suggested in a recent comment, here’s a post about Christmas presents that people received this year.  So if any of you got any neat gifts or have any funny stories you want to tell others about, you may use the comments section of this post.

4 thoughts on “Christmas presents, 2006

  1. Beppo

    My brothers and I tend to exchange some funny gifts with each other, in addition to “real” gifts. One tradition we had was always giving a green, hard plastic army hat. Every year, we’d find it in someone’s closet, wrap it up, and give it again. And it would usually be wrapped really well (e.g., with multiple layers of boxes and duct tape). A few years ago, that hat became lost, so a new tradition was needed. This year I found a WWF Champion belt at Walmart, so I got it and gave it to one of my brothers. It was a great time. He’s already predicted it will be regifted next year. Things like this make exchanging gifts even more fun.

  2. Texas J

    Well this year was the first year that it became obvious how unimportant christmas is to parents (in regard to gifts). It was all about my son this year, and rightly so. I did get one gift a power washer and it’s pretty cool. It was so cool watching my son open every gift in unrelenting excitement. It was so funny when we took him to see Santa claus this year. We told him to tell santa what he wanted for christmas. Before santa could even say hello, he promptly told him that he wanted a “larry boy car”, “Lighting Mcqueen”, and “candy”. Santa not hearing this continued with his plesentries, took a picture, and ushered him on his way. As I was assisting him out of santa’s workshop I noticed tears welling up in his eyes. When asked what was the matter, my son stated that he had not gotten his 3 gifts he asked for yet, we need to go back. So for those of you who are expecting to have children, or your children are getting old enough to visit santa….. explain in great detail that santa does not give you the gifts immediately after asking him…. he brings them to your house on christmas eve.

  3. Mango-Man

    as a gag gift for my siblings I got them all a bottle of ‘jones soda’ in varying flavors… the expressions on their faces as they unwrapped bottled flavors such as ‘turkey and gravy’, ‘dinner roll’, ‘pea’ and ‘antacid’ was priceless… you can learn more about these sodas and others at

  4. Ramblin' Stew

    I got a ferret as a gag gift. As it turns out, the gag was on the giver. This was a circus ferret trained in the art of pickpocketry (look it up). This ferret has made me a fortune. Sadly, I was unaware of my ferret-burglar’s serious allergy to gold. After pulling a night heist at an un-named jewelry store downtown, my ferret had a violent reaction and went on to be with the Lord. The 24-hour vet did everything he could, but couldn’t save him. Also sadly, I had to whack the vet to get rid of witnesses. I will always remember my ferret thief and his vigor and resolve. I also got a tie clasp.

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