Merry Christmas!

The staff here at Buffet o’ Blog have been given a few days off to celebrate Christmas.  We’ll be pondering the wonderful gift that Jesus Christ has given us : salvation.  We’ll also spend some time with our families, eat a lot, and play new games on Nintendo Wii.  (I’ve told Santa some games I want, and I’ve been good, so hopefully he got the memo.)

So there may be a few days between posts.  It’s just temporary — don’t get too concerned.  Of course we care about your withdrawals.  But we have to celebrate Christmas, too.  If you start missing the Buffet o’ Blog brand of randomness, start going through the archives.  There’s been over 200 posts here since we started earlier this year, and I doubt you’ve read them all.  Even if some are a few months old, they’re still fresh — we pack them with preservatives and such stuff.  And while you’re going through the old posts, go ahead and participate — write some comments.  You can comment on any of them, regardless of how old they are.  We will read them all.  Participating enriches the experience significantly, perhaps even exponentially.

I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas.  Yes, I said the “C” word.  Please don’t sue us!  Whatever…  This is my site, so I’m gonna say what I want.  And I’m going to wish you a Merry Christmas.  If you’re offended, you should close your browser and go look for a life.  But I won’t get all started on that right now, because I have better things to do.  We can deal with your immaturity in a later session.  Anyway, back to my post…


P.S.  Jesus is the reason for the season.  I know we tend to get silly and random here, but deep down (and discussed further in my other blog), life is all about Jesus.

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