a question from Thomas Wayne

I got an e-mail from Thomas Wayne today, and he wanted me to pass it on to the crowd here at Buffet o’ Blog.

I just remembered something that has confused me since college, and I thought some of you might could help me figure it out.  Let me explain.  One day while I was in college at UAM, I decided to go to class.  I hadn’t been in a while, and either my classroom moved or I forgot which room it was in.  So I ended up in some intellectual-type class, where they discussed and reasoned about abstract stuff.  After I realized it wasn’t World History, I was about to leave, when the teacher started talking about dookie.  I never expected to hear a college professor talk about dookie!  So I stayed in there.

The professor quoted a statement and asked the people to explain what it meant.  Here’s where I got confused.  He said :

“The poop on my shoe is hypothetical.”

I looked at his shoes but didn’t see any poop.  The people in the class gave a bunch of weird answers, some of them not even about poop at all.  So I was confused… bewildered, even.

Anyway, I’ve been reading Buffet o’ Blog for a few months now, and I’ve seen a lot of important people here, along with some folks who use some really big words, so I figured somebody here might be able to help me out.  Was the teacher saying he thought he might have some poop on his shoe but couldn’t see it?  Or was he trying to confuse us?  Or was there some type of hidden meaning in it?  Does anybody have any ideas?

~ Thomas Wayne

The comments section is now open.  If you have any ideas about what he’s asking about, share your wisdom (or wisdumb).

5 thoughts on “a question from Thomas Wayne

  1. Important Doctor

    Thomas Wayne, I’m glad you came to ‘us’ for the answer to your question.
    Its seems that your confusion is derived from your misunderstanding of the word ‘hypothetical’

    to simplify this for your understanding it is imperitive that we break down the full work ‘hypothetical’ into its 2 ‘root’ words… leaving us with ‘Hypo’ and ‘Thetical’

    if you look up ‘Hypo’ in the dictionary you will see that it is defined as
    1) ‘Below; beneath; under’
    2) ‘Less than normal; deficient’
    3) ‘In the lowest state of’

    Next we look up ‘Thetical’ in the dictionary. We find it’s a variation of ‘thetic’ which is simply an adjective for ‘positive’ & ‘dogmatic.’

    now we need to bring our new found understanding of these to ‘root-words’ together…

    what your professor was saying (in laymens terms) is that he “Positively, does not have enough poop on his shoe”

    which also explains the fact that you could not see the poop.

    Thank you Thomas Wayne & feel free to write again in the future with any further questions.

  2. Important Linguist

    Hey, Important Dr. Thay dident teech speling inn medicool skool did thay?

    Thomas Wayne, ignore this so called “Important Doctor”. He probably has a medical degree from one of those non-accredited online “universities”. The real meaning of the word “hypothetical” is from the word “hypo” which is another spelling for “hippo” and the word “thetical” which is actually two words combined: “the” and “tical” which means “the poop”. So, obviously this professor has been to the zoo and stepped in some hippo poop, or “hypothetical”, to use the more proper terminology. This professor was saying that the poop on his shoe is hippo poop, basically and fundamentally.

  3. Ramblin' Stew

    Both not-so-important professionals are wrong. The professor was simply tripping on LSD. As were the students. As am I. As is the Mongolian wombat playing Boston’s “More Than A Feeling” on the electric keyboard in the corner.

  4. Thomas Wayne

    Even though I think the “Important Doctor” is a fraud as a doctor, perhaps he’s on to something here. I mean, his statement is still kinda “out there”, but so was this professor.

    Thanks, guys… I’m no longer confused about poopy shoes. 🙂

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