cooler than cool

Y’know how when something is neat or interesting we may call it “cool”?  We may also call it awesome.  But what do you call something that is cooler than cool?  I suppose you could say uber-cool.  (“uber” is German for “super”, and it just sounds neat.)  But are there any words that are even better for this purpose?

Why am I wondering this, you may ask…  Well, this morning I was reminded of my own coolness, and I realized I feel cooler than cool.  I mean, I know what “cool” is, and I’m even cooler than that.  So, for the sake of journalistic integrity or some such, I decided I should try to find a more accurate representation of myself.

So, does anyone have any suggestions?

~ Thomas Wayne

2 thoughts on “cooler than cool

  1. Mister Wonderful

    I, being wonderful and all, like to refer to myself as the culmination of all things that are good and perfect in the world in addition to the conglomerate of all knowledge. That’s such a long sentance that I made up one word that means all the above and call it schmigly.
    However, I do not seem to find the, “schmigly,” quality in Thomas Wayne.

    btw: (s-super, c-cool, h-happenin, m-manly, i-intelligent, g-great, l-lovely, y-young)

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Comparing myself to the standard you defined, I find that I’m all that and a bag of chips. So perhaps there’s someone I could hang out with that wouldn’t get all jealous of my coolness. (I wrote about that recently, how some of my friends don’t want to hang out with me because I’m so cool.) We should chill sometime.

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