eating “exotic” food

In the news today, a restaurant in New York serves “exotic” foods, like worms, crickets, scorpions, tarantulas, maggots, and ants.  The scorpions cost $30 each, while the tarantulas cost $175 each.  That is CRAZY!  Some folks are definitely getting ripped off!

4 thoughts on “eating “exotic” food

  1. Fibonacci Man

    My big brother used to feed me bugs, but he never charged me for them. However, he was very amused when my mom found bug remains in my (dirty) diaper a couple days later. Maybe I should try to get him to pay me some money for that??

  2. Jim Bob

    What the crap do them New Yorkers thank theys doin. They needs to get down to the South where the air ain’t so thin and they can thank strait. For 175 dollers, you can have fried chicken, fried taters, turnip greens, fried okra, peas and cornbread, biscuits with gravy, sweet tea, peach cobbler with ice cream, and napkins to wipe it on for your whole stinkin family and still fill up your truck with pushwater when you’s done. If that’s what they call food, they must’ve never ate at the cracker barrell.

  3. Beppo

    True dat! There ain’t nothin’ like some fried yardbird (chicken) and mashed taters and biscuits & gravy. And you gotta have sweet tea to go with it. If they tried some of that, they wouldn’t be eatin’ bugs anymore!

    It’s not fair that the South has the best food. We should make it our mission to spread the news around the country.

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