making golf less boring

Golf is boring to watch, but does it have to be?  What (humorous) suggestions could be applied to the game to make it more entertaining to everyone?

13 thoughts on “making golf less boring

  1. Thomas Wayne

    I think the players should be allowed to fix up their golf carts. They could be covered with bling-bling. It could be blindingly shiny, and even have curb feelers. And put a loud sound system in it.

    Or you could put mudding tires on it and some loud pipes, and then make ruts all over the course. Imagine plowing through a water hazard in one of them! They could race their carts to see who gets to go last. (Although if there were ruts in the course, you’d probably rather go first.)

  2. Ill-Tempered Scientist

    Well, let’s compare golf to some real sports, to see what it’s missing. Football and NASCAR racing, to take two popular examples. Football has players that are trying to beat the stuffing out of each other, over possession of ONE ball. NASCAR has spectacular crashes that often involve bursting into flames. Combine all this into golf, and you’ve got a cool sport. Imagine forty or so people in silly pants chasing after one flaming golf ball and tackling anyone to tries to putt. Forget that nonsense about counting strokes, and the person with the most goals by the time the ball burns down to nothing wins.

  3. Thomas Wayne

    I’m not sure that NASCAR is actually a real sport… but either way, adding crashes and explosions would be cool.

    Also, there ought to be some wild animals on the course, like alligators, cows, meerkats, sheep, deer, turtles, etc.

  4. Joe Golfer

    I think a cool variation would be to strategically cover the course with exploding golf balls like a mine field… but do it reminiscient to the old ‘mines’ game where you have to figure out which one to hit & which ones to leave. if the ball explodes… you’re out. & the explosions could be kept relatively small to keep everyone safe… just maybe hurt the club a bit or something.

    also I think a ‘funny pants’ competition would be in order… the more ridiculous the better…

  5. OnyxInferno

    Here are a few different ideas:

    1. Join the men’s and women’s golf leagues (is that the correct word for golf) and they can play strip golf.

    2. Forget the current craze over golf course design, mini golf course designers shoould be given free reign at country clubs and professional level courses. Its not really golf unless you are hitting through waterfalls, into a clown’s mouth so that it can be shot out of the top of a volcano.

    3. A team of gladiators should guard the hole. Once the golfer gets in close, he must defeat the gladiators before taking his winning shot. His only weapon is his clubs.

  6. chrisjamiefaithtruffleolive

    should incorporate random distractors by course, one course can have bells ringing, one course can have animals on the course, one course could have that [crazy] dude from happy gilmore, we could also add challenges like not allowing food or water on the course for a who is the biggest toughguy round of golf. not like seeing some millionaires eat [crap] from dehydration.

  7. dave

    Give each player 19 balls to use per round with the proviso that they use 1 ball per hole,then rig one ball so that it explodes when hit by a club Imagine the tension as the players go round the course wondering if the ball will explode or not.As long as too much explosive is not used,we wouldn’t want to see Colin Montgomerie being blown up..Imagine the mess.

  8. Thomas Wayne

    I like the mini-golf idea. On at least one hole you have to hit the ball through the mouth of a 50-foot clown that breathes fire out his nose.

    And have a castle with a real moat around it, including real alligators in it. And have archers in the windows that shoot Nerf-arrows at you to distract you. You have to hit the ball on top of the castle.

  9. injenious

    I’m liking these Ideas… in addition I think if the course is gonna have hazards that it stands to reason they should be ‘harzardous’… alligators or piranhas in the water… cobra’s or scorpians in the sand traps…

    speaking of sand traps… why not just switch out the regular sand with quick-sand? 🙂

  10. Thomas Wayne

    On a certain hole or for a penalty shot, the golfer has to use larger golf balls which have mice in them. You don’t play the ball where it lands, you play it where it randomly roams to. So the golfers would be in quite the hurry to get to the ball and hit their next shot.

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