woman has failed the driving test 771 times

Today I heard about a South Korean woman who has failed the written exam of the driving test 771 times.  She’s 68 years old, and she’s been taking the test almost every day since April 2005.  The minimum passing score is a 60, and she’s gotten as high as 50.  There is a cost for each test, and she has spent over $3,000 so far on fees.   She’s hoping that attempt number 772 will be it.

I will say this — she’s determined!  But perhaps she should study some before taking it again.  You figure she would’ve gotten that message by now.   I have to wonder, though — does she speak the proper language?  Or can she read and write?  It seems like just marking random answers would eventually score high enough in 771 tries.

But through all this failure, she now has fame.  She has set the world record for number of times to fail the driving test.  And now she’s being talked about in the news all around the world.  She has received her 15 minutes of fame, and she now holds a world record.