don’t get too excited about baseball

homer-hankiesI’ve been watching the baseball playoffs this year, and during one game I was talking with someone on the phone during a game, and he asked, “Why are those people waving their drawz?”  (drawz = underwear)

I had never realized that’s what was going on!  I knew people got excited, but this is crazy!  I’ve heard the announcers call them “homer hankies”, but there’s no such thing.   These people are waving their underwear during the game!

Folks, I know the playoffs are exciting, but there ain’t no need to wave your underwear during the game.   And if it’s “used”, then it should definitely remain in its intended use.  If you start waving your drawz around, that might lower morale of the fans around you.

This is just so far beyond the line of appropriateness… where’s the “appropriate police” at these games?