eat chili responsibly

For the “big game” last weekend, my church had a SOUPer Bowl party, where we had a soup / chili cookoff.  (FYI, this was after service, on time-delay, so we could skip the commercials and halftime show.)  I made a pot of chili-cheese chili, which didn’t win, so it must’ve been a conspiracy.  But whatever…

Before the event, I was looking online at some different chili recipes, and I was reading the user comments on a few that I thought sounded good, and I came across this:

I’ve had his Texas Chili many years ago.  My spouse forced me to buy an air filter shortly after.

Eat Chili responsibly.

If that isn’t a great endorsement for chili, I don’t know what is!

Not only is that funny, but it’s good advice.   You do need to eat chili responsibly.  In fact, towards the end of our party, I saw one of our regular readers sitting at a big round table all by himself.  I had to remind him to be responsible with his chili and the associated after-effects.   While he certainly has the right and freedom to conduct his flatulence* however he pleases, there may be the consequences of sitting alone.  It reminds me of this proverb:

Man who farts in church sits in pew.

Okay, so that doesn’t really directly apply, but it’s funny (or punny), and some folks appreciate such humor.  (I’m doing it for you, my readers.)

* The phrase “conduct his flatulence” applies in more ways than one.  This is the same person who has what we call “Active Gas On Command”.   He is, in fact, able to conduct his flatulence better than anyone I know.

bacon chili-cheese dip

Since we’ve been talking about bacon, I’ll take it a step further.  Wouldn’t bacon be good in cheese dip?  I know, some people get weirded out if their cheese dip has any type of lumps in it.  But I already make a chili-cheese dip that has chunks of meat in it, so what is a few more?  (And my research* has shown that using either Tostitos Scoops or Fritos Scoops is good for it, because you can get the right amount of cheese dip plus the chunks of meat in each bite.)

I think some additional research will be required in this area…  🙂

* I’ve eaten it, and I’m a good judge of cheese dip.

bacon chili

After yesterday’s post on bacon pancakes, some of the staff here at Buffet o’ Blog were discussing new uses of bacon, and we wondered why we never hear anything about a bacon chili…  Surely that would be good!  (FYI, I’m not talking about chili where bacon is the only meat… I mean in addition to the normal quantities of beef, steak, or venison you would use.)

I think some research is in order (and I’m not talking about using Google — I want to try it myself).  We need to have a taste test competition, where we all make our own chili, but you have to include bacon.

Has anybody out there ever had chili with bacon in it?