caption contest, traffic jam

Another week, another caption contest.  This time we have a huge amount of cars lined up at what looks like a gas station.  Of course, they can be lined up for anything you might imagine.  Or maybe the situation is something completely different.  You can invent whatever context you want.

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11 thoughts on “caption contest, traffic jam

  1. Thomas Wayne

    Here in the South, snow was mentioned as a possibility by the weatherman, so people went crazy buying gas, milk, and bread. I tell ya, people around here act like we’re gonna be buried in snow for weeks, when it’s usually just a day or two (if we even get accumulation) before temperatures are above freezing again and the roads are clear.

  2. MangoMan

    I remember this! it was back in the ‘day’. word had got out that TW was gonna seriously try throwin’ the Mack that weekend. The Women couldn’t get to their cars fast enough… … to leave town. 🙂

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