caption contest, airplane crashed in a lake

Short work-week or not, I’m still going to publish a caption contest, because I’m just awesome like that.

This week’s photo features a man in a uniform staring at an airplane crashed in a lake / pond.  It’s up to you — yes, you — to figure out what happened and write a (preferably funny) explanation.  Of course, this being a site of randomness and humor, you can take it in any direction you want.  You can write from the perspective of someone not even in the picture.  Or you can write about what caused this, or what will happen later because of it.  Let your creativity soar.

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24 thoughts on “caption contest, airplane crashed in a lake

  1. Thomas Wayne

    Mango-Man was late for lunch yet again, blaming some plane crash in the middle of nowhere. But we knew he was gonna be late regardless, so we just shrugged off his excuses…

      1. "anonymous"

        yeah, I bet she was just trying to wash the dust off of her plane. it wasn’t until after it sank that she realized it MUST have already been broken to start with.

  2. Self-Proclaimed Genius

    This is a result of someone applying Rosco P Coltranes Skool of Driving to an airplane. Who knows, they may never have even got of the ground.

  3. MangoMan

    okay that’s it! i’m switching lures! that’s the fourth one of these i’ve snagged today. I want to catch something special… a real keeper! not this everyday ordinary ‘plane’ (plain) kind of fish.

  4. Thomas Wayne

    On July 12th, 2003, while on a research expedition to gather coprolite samples in the forbidding Cordillera Apolobamba range on the Bolivian/Peruvian border, my plane hit a patch of turbulence and spiralled out of control. I managed to land in the pond and saved the day. As always, I emerged from tragedy as the hero.

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